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Pro Guard 20 Weed Barrier Fabric

$135.43 $117.56
  • 20 YEAR- Our weed barrier is so durable you won't need to pick weeds for 20 YEARS!
  • HEAVY DUTY - The 5 oz weed control fabric is a commercial grade woven landscape fabric that can be used as a garden liner, flower bed liner, or anywhere else you want to block those pesky weeds from growing while still allowing air and water through to the soil
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - In addition to being used as a garden barrier, the landscaping fabric can also be utilized as a stabilizing layer to prevent pavers and gravel from sinking into the soil
  • 100% POLYPROPYLENE - It is made from polypropylene that is slit into yarns and woven together. It also has a second layer of fibers needled into the top of the fabric to block more light and increase the mats durability
  • MAKE LIFE SIMPLE - You have enough going on in life, don't let your yard and garden tie up more of your valuable time. By installing high quality weed guard, you can cross weeding off your list for several years to come